VisioBook HD and VisoDesk


VisioBook HD and VisioDesk: Portable Full HD Video Magnifiers

Overview: VisioBook HD and VisioDesk redefine portability and convenience in full HD video magnification. Both models are designed to fold flat for easy transport and storage, making them a practical solution for anyone needing magnification on the go. Unlike bulky desktop magnifiers, these devices are lightweight and compact, perfect for small spaces and on-the-move needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Portability: Lightweight design with a quick and easy folding mechanism.
  • Superior Image Quality: Full HD camera and screen provide exceptional image clarity.
  • Versatile Screen Sizes: Available in 12.5” and 15.6” screen options.
  • Extended Battery Life: Over 5 hours of operation on a single charge.
  • User-Friendly: Simple, intuitive controls for ease of use.
  • Elegant Design: Modern, timeless aesthetics with functional features.


Ideal for Varied Settings: Whether you’re working, studying, or just reading for pleasure, VisioBook HD and VisioDesk are your reliable companions. These magnifiers are perfect for magnifying small texts and objects up to 40x with VisioDesk and up to 30x with VisioBook HD. Both models boast full HD resolution, true color contrast, and multiple color combinations for enhanced viewing.


User Experience:

  • Adjustable Viewing Modes: Mirror, Distance, or Reading modes with consistent HD quality.
  • Compact Folding: Folds like a notebook for effortless transport and storage.
  • Adjustable Screen: Height and angle adjustments for optimal reading comfort.
  • Battery Efficiency: More than 5 hours of battery life for mobile use.


VisioBook HD:

  • Portability: Weighs approximately 7 pounds, folds flat for easy carrying and storage.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for transitioning between various locations like school, office, or travel.
  • Screen Freedom: Hands-free operation with a large, magnified display.



  • Enhanced Viewing: 15.6” screen for superior view of magnified texts and images.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighs about 10 pounds, with a compact form for easy mobility.
  • High Magnification: Up to 40x magnification for detailed viewing.


Technical Specifications:

  • Magnification Range: 1.8x to 30x for VisioBook HD; 1.8x to 40x for VisioDesk.
  • Modes: True color and contrast with 14 enhanced color combinations.
  • Controls: 6-button panel with zoom control and autofocus.
  • Power Supply: Up to 5 hours battery life, universal power supply included.
  • Measurements and Weight: Compact and lightweight, with dimensions provided for both folded and unfolded states.



  • USB 3.0 Output: Maximum resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels at 60 Hz.
  • HDMI Input and Output: Supports up to 1920 × 1080 pixels at 60 Hz.


VisioBook HD and VisioDesk offer a blend of high-quality magnification, portability, and user-friendly design, making them the ideal tools for anyone requiring visual assistance in various environments.