TactileView Design Bundle


TactileView Drawing Software: Transforming Visuals into Tactile Graphics


Product Overview: TactileView is an innovative software designed to create tactile graphics for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. It transforms visual images into tactile formats that can be interpreted through touch. This software is equipped with user-friendly tools for designing and producing tactile pictures, diagrams, and maps.



  • Tactile Graphics Creation: Design software for creating tactile graphics, compatible with various tactile printing methods.
  • Versatile Printing Options: Supports printing on braille embossers, swell paper (microcapsule paper), and the TactiPad drawing board with the Thinkable motorised drawing arm (MDA).
  • Accessible Interface: Easy-to-use tactile graphics editor available in multiple languages, fully accessible with mouse, keyboard, or screen reader.
  • Extensive Design Tools: Offers a range of drawing tools and image processing filters for effortless editing.
  • Ready-to-Use Designs: Access to thousands of designs from the TactileView Catalog.
  • Advanced Modules: Includes a math module for graphing equations and a RouteTactile map maker for creating tactile maps.
  • Digital Pen Compatibility: Enhance functionality with the Digital Pen in combination with TactileView.


Product Details:

  • User Resources: Comprehensive user manual and tutorials available on the TactileView manual page.
  • License: One-time purchase for unlimited use.
  • Delivery: Registration key via email, software downloadable from the website.
  • Supported Embossers: Compatible with models from APH, BrailleTec, Enabling, Harpo, HumanWare, Index, Irie AT, Nippon TeleSoft, ViewPlus, and more.
  • Available Languages: Wide language support including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and more.
  • File Formats: TactileView files (.bpx); import options include .txt, .svg, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tiff, or .gif.
  • System Requirements: Windows XP to 11; Mac OS X with a Windows emulator.
  • Parallel Installations: Allows installation of two TactileView versions (software generations below and over 2.5) on one computer.
  • Internet Requirements: Offline functionality with specific online functions like map maker and design catalog.
  • Software Security: Registration key valid for one computer only.


The TactileView Drawing Software is a groundbreaking tool for bridging the visual-tactile gap, offering a creative and accessible solution for the blind and visually impaired community.