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Woodlake Technologies Tactile Maps: Empowering Independent Navigation for the Visually Impaired


Product Overview Navigating the world independently poses a significant challenge for individuals with visual impairments. At Woodlake Technologies, we understand the importance of spatial awareness and orientation for blind and low vision travelers. To address this need, we specialize in creating customized tactile maps, an essential tool for enhancing safe and independent exploration.


Benefits of Tactile Maps

  • Enhanced Spatial Awareness: Facilitates the development of a comprehensive concept of surroundings, improving orientation in space.
  • Increased Safety: Provides vital information for safe navigation in public spaces.
  • Independent Exploration: Enables blind and low vision individuals to independently gather information and explore new areas.
  • Detailed Information: Displays precise locations of key features such as building entrances, points of interest, restrooms, ticket machines, fire escapes, and subway access.
  • Interior Navigation: Assists in understanding and freely moving within interior spaces like offices, schools, and public buildings.


Features of Woodlake Technologies Tactile Maps

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Offers an affordable way to improve accessibility and independence.
  • Customization: Tailored to specific needs, our tactile maps are designed for various settings, including campuses, schools, office suites, floor plans, and public spaces.
  • Audio Component: Enhances the usability and effectiveness of our tactile maps, providing an additional layer of information.


Tactile Maps for Public Institutions Our expertise extends to creating tactile maps for public institutions, ensuring that these spaces are accessible and easier to navigate for the visually impaired. We are committed to providing solutions that foster independence and a deeper understanding of spatial relationships.


In the Box

  • Customized Tactile Map from Woodlake Technologies


Empowerment Through Navigation  Our tactile maps are more than just tools; they are pathways to independence, safety, and a richer interaction with the world. Whether for personal use or public institutions, our tactile maps are designed to meet the unique challenges faced by the visually impaired community.