Taptilo Smart Braille Learning Device


Introducing Taptilo: The Revolutionary Smart Braille Learning Device

Overview of Taptilo Taptilo is an innovative smart device designed to make braille learning engaging and straightforward. This interactive tool is ideal for beginners, offering an intuitive braille display with audio feedback. The device is equipped with jumbo-sized braille blocks and tactile guidance, making it easy to follow the structured curriculum provided by Taptilo.

Taptilo App: Enhancing Braille Education The Taptilo App is a groundbreaking addition that simplifies the teaching process. Even if you’re unfamiliar with braille, the app allows you to connect the Taptilo device, select or type a word, and the device translates it into braille. The app offers customization options for both instructors and learners, enriching the educational experience.

Features of Taptilo

  • Interactive and Fun Learning: Taptilo makes learning braille enjoyable with various activities and games, engaging all senses in the learning process.
  • Self-Learning Mode: Beginners can start learning braille instantly with self-guided materials, promoting independent study.
  • Systematic Learning Approach: The curriculum is methodically structured, covering everything from basic dots to complex words in various categories.
  • Customization Options: Users can upload their own word lists, tailoring the learning materials to their needs. The app provides multiple teaching options to suit different learning styles.
  • Multilingual Support: Taptilo offers learning in multiple languages, including English, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, German, and Portuguese, making it a versatile tool for diverse learners.
  • Portability and Convenience: Designed for mobility, Taptilo boasts a portable frame, power-saving features, and a rechargeable battery, facilitating learning anytime and anywhere.


Learning Activities with Taptilo

  • Read: Engage with braille display and audio prompts. Use arrow buttons for contractions and the circle button to progress. Topics cover Alphabet, Numbers, Words across various levels.
  • Trace & Write: Visualize and replicate letters on the display using the blocks. Confirm answers with the circle button. Topics include Numbers, Alphabet, and Words at different levels.
  • Dictation (Listen and Write): Listen to audio prompts and transcribe using the blocks, without braille display guidance. Covers Numbers, Alphabet, and Words across levels.
  • Write (English Version): Freely write using braille blocks and check your input with the braille display, enhancing creative expression.



Taptilo is not just a braille learning device; it’s a comprehensive educational solution. Whether you’re a beginner, instructor, or someone looking to enhance their braille skills, Taptilo offers an accessible, fun, and effective way to learn and teach braille.