OrCam Read 3


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OrCam Read 3: The Ultimate Reading Assistant for Vision and Fatigue Challenges


Product Overview OrCam Read 3 is a revolutionary, all-in-one solution designed for individuals experiencing vision loss or reading fatigue. This versatile device functions as a customizable magnifier, a handheld reading companion, and a stationary reader, adapting to a range of needs and environments.


Innovative Features

  • Multi-Functional Magnifier: Offers unparalleled magnification capabilities for pictures, handwriting, math formulas, and text, enhancing readability in various formats.
  • Handheld Reading Companion: Perfect for on-the-go use, it instantly reads printed or digital text from any surface, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Stationary Reader Mode: Ideal for hands-free reading at home, simply place OrCam Read 3 on its stand to transform it into a stationary reading assistant that reads aloud to you.


Advanced Reading Technologies

  • Smart Reading: Includes features like offline operation, full-page capture, and the ability to jump to specific words or content.
  • Customizable Experience: Connect to Wi-Fi and log into your OrCam account to turn any screen into a browser-based magnifier, with options to zoom, adjust contrast, and customize color settings.
  • Intuitive Controls: Navigate through vocal commands or hand gestures for an effortless reading journey.


Empower Your Reading

  • Versatility: Whether at home or on the move, OrCam Read 3 supports your evolving reading needs, from magnifying text and images to converting text into speech.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Designed based on feedback from the low vision community, it’s a holistic tool that provides the right solution at the right time.



  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi enabled for seamless connection to various devices.
  • Usability: Features like zoom in/out, copy/paste, and text-to-speech enhance the reading experience.
  • Portability: Lightweight and portable for easy use anywhere.


In the Box

  • OrCam Read 3 Device
  • Specially Designed Stand for Stationary Use
  • User Guide



  • Comprehensive warranty for peace of mind.


The OrCam Read 3 is more than a device; it’s a companion in your reading journey, empowering you to overcome challenges and embrace the joy of reading in any setting. Whether you’re seeking magnification solutions, auditory reading assistance, or hands-free operation, the OrCam Read 3 is tailored to meet your unique needs.